About us

Tree-Biotechnology was established in 1997 as a Project- the Tree Biotechnology Project. The main aim of the project was to improve the living standards of rural families in Kenya, particularly the resource-challenged, by enhancing forestry production through integration of improved and proven clonal and tissue culture forestry biotechnologies into the traditional
Propagation systems.

In 2000 the project underwent restructuring to ensure anchorage amongst the key institutions and hence established itself as a full project under the title Tree Biotechnology Project. After the course of the third phase from 2004 to 2006 it was evident the project had long term benefits streams that needed sustainability and hence it evolved into a Programme. In 2007 the Programme transformed into a legal entity (Trust) the Tree Biotechnology Programme Trust (TBPT) fully registered under the Laws of Kenya, it now operates under a legal anchorage for sustainability. The Programme has achieved great impact over the last ten years having adopted its first Strategic Plan for 2007-2011.

The overall goal was to apply the technology of propagation of fast-growing multipurpose tree species for the distribution to rural communities to increase productivity and alleviate wood product shortages.

What is our Vision?

To be a leading center of excellence in the development, adaptation and diffusion of novel forest technologies.

And our Mission

To advance the practice of modern forestry practices and significantly contributes to sustainable forest management for social-economic development and environmental stability through: Availing cutting edge technologies;

Clonal forestry is the future

Development of private elite tree nurseries;
Facilitating marketing of tree products grown in the model nursery;
Capacity building services to both public and private sector players involved in the forestry industry.


Facilitate sustainable production and distribution of elite tree varieties at affordable coast nationally
Enhance wealth creation through access to proven forest technologies
Continuously adopt innovative technologies that increase forest productivity and conservation of biodiversity
Contribute towards environmental sustainability by providing tree varieties for all ecological zones
Develop strategic alliances and linkages with other key stakeholders in the industry so as to enhance TBP Trusts activities as change agents

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Address: Off Kiambu Road, Past Muthaiga Golf Club c/o Kenya Forest Services Headquarters

Phone: +254 0202 020641 Email: info@tree-biotech.com