TBPT - Fruit Trees

Fruit trees


Common name: Purple/violet Passion fruits
Scientific name: Passiflora edulis
Uses: For Juice production locally and for export market Edible fruit

Common name: Mangoes
Scientific name: Mangifera indica
Country of Origin: India
Uses: For juice production and for export market Edible fruit
Others: drought tolerant.

Common name: Avocado
Scientific name: Persea americana
Country of Origin: Central and South America
Uses: Fruit higher in calories than any other fresh fruit
Others: Can be grown from Coast to 2000m
Useful fuel wood.


Common name: Tree tomato.
Scientific name: Cyphemandra betacea
Uses: Nutritional Fruits
Others: Can grow in Kakamega, Kericho, Ramisi, Migori,Limuru, Nairobi, Eldoret climatic types.

Common name: Zambarao
Scientific name: Syzygium cumini
Place of Origin: Asia
Uses: edible fruit, shade and fuel wood.
Others: grows in varied climatic types
Extremely good in ASALS.

Common name: Pawpaw
Scientific name: Carica papaya
Uses: edible fruit (with very good flavour), unripe fruit contains an enzyme called papain which is a meat tenderizer.
Others: Can grow from Coast to 2000 m and Along Lake Victoria.
It is not affected by waste water irrigation and doesn’t require large amounts of water even in dry areas.
The Mountain pawpaw can grow up to 3000m asl

Common name: Kei Apple
Scientific name: Devyalis caffra(Aberia caffra)
Country of Origin: Southern Africa
Uses: Edible fruit (also used for jam-making), Live fencing


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