TBPT - Commodity Association

Commodity Association

TBPT has pioneered in the formation of commodity associations in the Kenya forest primary production. These associations provide avenues for smallholders to enjoy economies of scale and low transactions costs similar to large producers. The associations through bundling ensure smallholders can guarantee supply for large orders both in quality and quantity.

Forest Tree Nurseries Association of Kenya (FOTNAK):

fotnakWith the resent proliferation of unprofessionally managed tree nurseries, professional nursery owners and operators initiated registration of FOTNAK. FOFNAK facilitate dialogue in policy, legal, technical and marketing aspects in a joint effort for maximum and sustainable beneficiation. The association aims to be the leader in the production of high quality tree planting material, promote tree breeding and husbandly for protection of the environment and income generation to its members through increasing their capabilities and skills in propagation and marketing of premium tree seedlings and their by-products . The association acts as a tool for certification and accreditation through self regulatory mechanism. In addition, it will establish branches countrywide to improve service delivery to its members.

Kenya Forest Growers Association (KEFGA)

KEFGAKEFGA is a national association representing and promoting private forestry and commercial tree growing interest in Kenya. It is a member based non-political, non-partisan, non-profit making association that is committed to the welfare of private commercial forest growers.

Its membership is drown from private small commercial tree farmers, as well as factory based membership group. KEFGA was a move to protect small scale tree farmers from cartels and middle men who dominated in the enterprise killing and frustrating the interest of commercial tree farming. The association is registered to represent and promote private forestry and commercial tree growing interest in Kenya.

This is to endeavor in sustainable management of forests for environmental, economic and social benefits, to promote, support and encourage capacity building, research and innovations in the forest sector while seeking financial and non-financial support for members for the purpose of growth.


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