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TBPT works in collaboration with various Partners to meet its core mandate of producing quality planting materials and their deployment to target groups. The description of our diverse partners is given here.


Kenya Forest Service Is a government parastatal established to provide development and sustainable management including conservation and rational utilization of forests and allied resources for environmental stability and socio-economic development.


Kenya Forest Research Institute is national research institute that carries out research in forestry and allied natural resources while influencing polices on forest resource management. by Adopting multidisciplinary research approach through  Focusing on problem oriented research and Decentralizing research activities to facilitate improved interaction and linkages with the local users and dissemination of research findings and seed distribution.


The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications, Center (ISAAA) is a not-for-profit organization that delivers the benefits of new agricultural biotechnologies to the poor in developing countries. It aims to share these powerful technologies to those who stand to benefit from them and at the same time establish an enabling environment for their safe use.



University of Embu: In pursuit of sustainable forestry, it is important to embrace private forests to safeguard our natural forests, achieve 10% forest cover and alleviate economic and energy poverty. it is as a way of achieving this that we formed partnership with an Institution of higher learning namely; University of Embu.



Camcore is a non-profit, international program that works for the conservation of tropical and subtropical forest tree species.  Its  primary activities are to Identify threatened species and provenances, Collect seeds from vulnerable populations, Distribute seeds for ex situ conservation and growth studies. Evaluate adaptability and growth of trees in various locations Develop long-term improvement programs to ensure sustainability of resources.


Kenya Forest Growers Association is a national association,representing and promoting private forestry and commercial tree growinginterest in Kenya. It is a member based non-political, non-partisan nonprofit making association that is committed to the welfare of privatecommercial forest growers. Its membership is drawn from private smalland other commercial tree farmers’ as well special membership groups.


FOTNAK is an association that offers a forum for professional forest tree nursery owners and operators to engage in policy, legal, technical andmarketing aspects in a joint effort for maximum and sustainablebenefaction. The association aims to be the leader in the production ofhigh quality tree planting materials for the protection of the environmentand incomes generation to its members through increasing theircapabilities and skills in propagation and marketing of premium tree seedlings and their by- products. The association acts as a tool forcertification and accreditation through self-regulatory mechanisms.




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