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Capacity building: Training in Clonal Nursery Establishment

TPBT dedicated and qualified staff trains green entrepreneur in establishment of clonal and general tree nurseries. The skills gained are applied by the entrepreneurs in nursery startups to produce elite seedlings for sustainable commercial forestry and poverty alleviation.

 Training in clonal forest trees propagation, to provide business development opportunities and instill entrepreneurship to forest tree propagators by equipping entrepreneurs with necessary skills to start up and manage own clonal nurseries using the tunneling technique developed and adopted by TBPT in order to supply elite forest seedlings varieties at community level.



Technical support to farmers

Contract for establishment and management of commercial forest plantations under the Green Farm Enterprises (GFE). This optimizes productivity of high value plantations for greater benefit to the growers;
Provision of technical support in afforestation projects in public and private sectors;
Capacity building through provision of training on commercial tree nursery establishment;
Training farmers in tree husbandry to maximize benefits from the improved pedigrees of the trees;
Rehabilitation of degraded landscapes for biodiversity restoration.


Delivery of seedlings and clones across the Country

We deliver seedlings to farmers across the country. Just contact us and we will play our part.

Supply of biodegradable plant pot